Planning Your Trip to Kenya

Trip to Meru

Planning Your Trip to Kenya

The highlands of Kenya are known for their wildlife, unique scenery, and many beautiful hotels in Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kilifi. For an eco-tourist, a trip to Meru should be on every travel itinerary. With over one million visitors to Kenya every year, there are many animals to see and do, including lions, elephants, zebras, and buffaloes among the many species native to the continent. For more information on this exciting safari, be sure to check out the Meru Safari and Travel blog.

When planning a safari, a traveler should take into account certain aspects of the trip before departure. One of those aspects is determining the cost of travel and accommodations. To do this, the traveler should visit the Kenya Wildlife & Tourism Authority website. This site provides an up-to-date listing of daily expenses and flight rates for traveling to and from Kenya. The website also features a calculator, which helps in determining the amount of money needed for travel, accommodations, activities, meals, etc. For people who do not have much money, a discount tour may be the best route.

Because a single person may be able to afford a longer excursion than a larger group, discount tours and flights can be purchased through any travel agent or through online sources. These trips typically include a hotel stay as well as daily expenses, but allow for extra spending money after arrival. A single person can pay as low as two hundred Kenyan Shillings (Nashir) for a single day’s tour of the famous Meru National Park. However, the lowest available room rate is around five hundred Nashir at various hotels around the Meru area. This allows for an affordable trip to one of the most famous tourist destinations in Africa.

Discount tours and travel packages are available for those who wish to spend more money on their trip to Meru National Park. Again, the cheapest available rate is around five hundred Nashir per night at various hotels around Meru. Luxury options are available through various tour and travel companies. Most offer packages that include airfare, ground transportation, food, and a three-star hotel. A luxury tent rental is also usually included in these packages. A tour guide will provide information about the animals at the park as well as tips on proper etiquette.

Tourists should also consider comparing vacation rentals in Nairobi. Vacation rentals in the city are often more expensive than the same accommodations in Kenya or samsudan. However, because of the higher cost of airfare, the majority of tourists bound for Meru have affordable flight costs. Tourists who are travelling with children can also benefit from flight and hotel discounts when they book a vacation rental in Nairobi.

Cheap flights to Meru are available from most major airlines throughout Kenya. Some of the major airlines that offer discounted rates for flights to Kenya are KLM Nairobi, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Air Canada, Lufthansa, Singapore, and Turkish Airlines. These discount flights are priced between five hundred and eight hundred dollars. Tourists can also book a one way flight to Meru for around five hundred dollars. If you book tickets from abroad, you can often save money by exchanging the time slot for your trip to Kenya with another destination.

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