An Awesome Three-Star Hotel Experience With a Trip to Salihlulu

The famous Dinar El Bey (Dalaman Sea) and surrounding area in Turkey is known as Salihlulu in Turkey. It is an ideal place for spending a few days relaxing and unwinding. You can visit this place on your Turkey Vacation. There are many things to do here. The most popular activities include sailing, fishing, diving, snorkeling and swimming.

Trip to Salihli

The average cost of a 7 day trip to Salihlulu is approximately $1, fee per day. Salihlulu villas range from seventy-seven dollars to over two thousand dollars for single occupants, per day with a maximum of three. Most vacation rentals will cost between eighty-five dollars to one hundred fifty dollars per day with an average of around forty-five dollars per person per day.

When planning your trip to Salihlulu you will need to calculate your daily expenses based on how much you intend to spend per day. Your total daily expenses including food and drink should not exceed fourteen hundred dollars. This includes lodging, meals, travel and entertainment. If you stay at a three-star hotel you should expect eight hundred and fifty dollars per day in your room and three hundred and sixty-three percent of that in your food and drink.

From your hotel you should plan on three hours of driving. Three hours of driving is the bare minimum and if you want to see more of the region you can drive for four hours. When you are planning your trip to Salihlulu you should check the flight costs into your online travel agent or the airline company website. The flight costs will include your hotel, car rental, airfare, taxes and any additional fees that may be incurred by the airport. You should make sure that the daily expense percentage of your total daily expenses does not exceed eighty-five percent.

Your flight will land at the Salihli International Airport which is located about twenty minutes from the capital of Ubud. Once you have received your clearance to fly, you will need to find a transportation method to get you to the airport. The journey to Salihlulu should take about three hours depending on the speed of your vehicle. You can expect about a half an hour drive to get to the secluded nature reserve which is called the Salihlulu Tented Camp. You will need to rent a vehicle at the end of your trip to Salihli.

There are many travel companies that offer transportation services to the airport but it may be costly. The best transportation option for you to travel to Salihlulu would be to hire a car. If you choose to rent a car then you will have the freedom to go wherever you want to during your vacation. The rates for the vacation rentals in Ubud are about one hundred dollars per day. This includes the hotel accommodations, vehicle rental and three-star hotel accommodations.

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