A Luxurious and Relaxing Vacation

What’s a vacation without a trip to Lienz? It is called the “Lien zu here”, or, “little rock” in German. This small town sits on the banks of the river Rhine in Austria. The largest city in Austria, Vienna, is also located here. It has been a favorite location for tourists for centuries and remains so today. There are many wonderful attractions here and plenty of amazing places to explore.

Trip to Lienz

This is the main center of Austria and the most popular gateway between Germany and the Czech Republic. There are many interesting sights and activities in and around this region of Austria. One famous attraction here is the Wachau Valley, which is about five miles long. Here one can go on a hike through lush forest. If one desires to view some very dramatic scenery, then Momondo, the main center of Austria, offers some stunning mountain views as well as a great World Heritage Site.

If it is a sight-seeing excursion that is desired, then there are numerous beautiful and interesting points of interest in and around Lienz. Some of the most popular attractions here include the Castle church and the St Peter’s Basilica. Another point of interest includes the Museum of Medieval warfare, which is a reconstruction of the 14th century castle walls. One can also visit the Schloss Charlottenburg, which is a famous palace that once belonged to the German king Carl IV. If one desires to explore the history of this region of Austria, then a trip to the Car rental company named “Mujao Car Rental Munch” in Momondo could be an ideal choice.

When traveling to this part of Austria, tourists will also be glad to know that flying in a comfortable and luxurious private aircraft is completely free. The flight costs here are relatively low when compared to other major cities in Europe. This flight deals are ideal for tourists who want to reduce their daily expenses while vacationing here. Tourists will pay only about EUR 4.00 for each person, per day. This flight deals are available until the end of this year.

In order to reduce flight costs and reduce overall travel expenses when on vacation, a trip to Lienz requires planning in advance. One must book a hotel as early as possible and must also book air tickets in advanced. The travel agents offering luxury trip to Lienz have discounted rates during off seasons; therefore, it would be advisable to call them in order to get the best rate and discount holiday package.

Traveling to this part of Austria requires tourists to plan carefully and budget accordingly. To cut down the overall travel expenses, it would be wise to book air tickets in advance and also make hotel reservations at affordable rates. The packages offered by luxury vacation rentals in Lienz are quite unique, and visitors will not find any similar lodging facility anywhere else in the country. All these factors will ensure that visitors pay little more per day or per night but in return enjoy a great vacation experience and great peace of mind.

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