Top Activities to Do in Sinj, Croatia

Croatia may just be one of the cheapest places on earth, especially when it comes to traveling abroad. With its location right in the Mediterranean Sea, travelers will find that the trip doesn’t take that much time since there are so many sightseeing spots along the way. A trip to Sinj, on the other hand, can be an expensive affair as airfare and car rental are almost necessities. There are plenty of budget travel and tourism options in Croatia, making the place even more attractive to travelers. For example, a quick search online reveals a number of cheap resorts and travel sites that offer accommodation at great prices.

Trip to Sinj

The most popular activities in and around the old town in Croatia are golf, tennis, horseback riding, hiking, sailing and surfing. The most common price for an afternoon of golfing is around $25, which is always a fun activity during any weather. One of the top activities in Sinj is enjoying the sea breeze that blows in from the Gulf of Kos. Many travelers who head out to the old town in Croatia often rent sea chairs to experience this breeze.

Aside from visiting the historical site, tourists can also enjoy a variety of cultural shows in Croatia. Croatian artists have long been known for creating some of the world’s most famous paintings and sculptures. These masterpieces can easily fetch thousands of dollars at auction or on the market. While there are several museums in every country, Croatia has several museums dedicated to the arts. So, while Croatia doesn’t have its own version of the Louvre, there are numerous exhibits of art available here. Some of the most popular ones include work by Croatian artist Drana Djokovic, Russian artist Vasili Oschepkov and Bosnian artist Mette Puhin.

Traveling by plane to get to the island of Sinj will probably require connecting flights from Zagreb and Crikvenica. But if you’re traveling by train, then there’s plenty of interesting sights to see in and around this region. The most notable and popular spots along the way are the mountains of Podhume, the city of Sibenik and the village of Crikvenica. Most visitors to the island of Sinj stay overnight in the hotel they chose for their trip, thus making a day trip to Sinj something to look forward to.

Another day trip that tourists must do is to the Adriatic coastline and surrounding islands. There’s plenty of interesting places along the coast like the city of Dubrovnik, the city of Cerkno and Sintra. All of these destinations are about 90 minutes away from Sinj and ideal for an easy overnight stay. For those who want to experience some history and culture along the way, you may choose to visit nearby Croatia or go on a sightseeing excursion along the Adriatic seaboard.

One of the main reasons to choose a top activities day trip to Sinj over typical vacations is that the cost. When you compare airfare, accommodation and other travel expenses to holiday in typical vacation destinations, it’s usually nowhere close to what you’d pay for Sinj. A round-trip ticket to Dubrovnik or Cerkno would cost a bit more, but even that price cuts the overall trip’s cost by almost fifty percent! For that kind of money, you can almost always find better activities that will give you as much fun as possible. So for that kind of money, you can expect to spend a lot of time sightseeing and doing other things that will keep you busy and interested in Sinj.

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