A Short Trip to Ghawiyah



When it comes to places to visit in Africa, few can match the popularity of Trip to Ghawiyah. It is one of the most popular attractions in Saudi Arabia and the world. Many people travel to the United Arab Emirates (the UAE) just to experience this desert land. It’s a destination where tourists can experience both the sand dunes and the rich culture of Saudi Arabia. But what exactly is it? And what makes it so popular with tourists?


The name ‘trip to Ghawiyah’ is derived from two Arabic words, ‘ta’ifah (meaning journey) and ‘haba (meaning thirst or hunger). Travelers can begin their journey at the Badr el Ghubarah, or the Desert Department, located south of Jeddah. It is here that visitors will see a white sand beach and other interesting geological formations. This dessert can actually be a good location for sightseeing as it is often home to oases and natural springs that provide water and sustenance to the people of the area.


Another way to travel in the vicinity of Badr el Ghubarah is Badr el Jaish, or the Old City in Jeddah. This old city has seen many civilizations come and go. One of its most famous structures is the Al-Karaouine Mosque, also known as the Cairo Temple. This mosque is considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World and was built during the twelfth century. Tourists can take part in the religious activities during this trip to Ghawiyah or visit the Cairo Museum and the House of the Grandparents.


Then, there is the Al-Fouq Mosque in Jeddah. The Al-Fouq Mosque, or mosque of the Cross, is one of the largest in Jeddah and is one of the oldest continuously operating mosques in the world. Built in 1931, it is noted for its century-old design and exquisite stained glass artwork. It is also home to the tombs of several prominent figures in Jiddah, including the Fatima Mufti, Ahmed Bahri Al-Rabtawi, and Ahmed Al-Rabiey.

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For those interested in a taste of culture, there is nothing like a trip to the deserts of Khayyam. This area offers visitors the chance to witness the traditions and cultures of the Saudi Arabia. There are various activities tourists can partake in, including horseback riding, trekking, diving, Jeep safari, and desert safaris. Other activities that can be taken along while on this trip include camping in tents and caravan parks, and camel safaris.


The most intriguing aspect of a trip to Ghawiyah is the experience of living amongst the sand dunes. A resident of Jeddah, a few short miles to the east of the Dharamshala bin Sharqi Mosque is the Satwa Dune. The dunes are a place where the sands are still alive with the rushing waters from the surrounding desert. Visitors will enjoy observing the life beneath the sands as well as the natural landscape of the region. This is the perfect chance to learn about the local traditions and lifestyle of the people of Khayyam and to become more familiar with the desert environment.

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